Welcome to All Stockton Rotary

Come learn more about the opportunities the 5 Stockton Rotary clubs offer to be a part of something greater than yourself.


About Us

Rotary Clubs work to improve their local communities and communities all over the world. The clubs in Stockton are eager to help you find a home in one of our clubs so you too can be involved in something greater than yourself.


All Stockton Rotary is a single source to learn about all of the options people have to get involved with Rotary in the city of Stockton.

We currently have five clubs in Stockton that contribute to the quality of life here as well as internationally due to their efforts to raise money for charity and put in some elbow grease to make the community better.

Our Clubs are (in alphabetical order) :

The Rotary Club of Central Stockton:  Currently meets on Fridays at 6:00pm  at the Moose lodge 391/Chapter 93 located at 9035 Davis Rd.  Stockton, California 95209.  They can be contacted by the links below:

FB page:  The Rotary Club of Central Stockton


The Rotary club of North Stockton:  Currently meets on Tuesdays at noon at the Brookside country club at 3603 St Andrews Dr, Stockton, CA 95219.  They can be contacted by the links below:

FB page:  North Stockton Rotary


The Rotary Club of Stockton:  Currently meets on Wednesdays at noon at the Stockton Golf and Country Club at 3800 W Country Club Blvd, Stockton, CA 95204.  They can be contacted at:

FB page:  The Rotary Club of Stockton


The Rotary Club of Stockton Pacific:  Currently meeting at on Fridays at noon at the Elkhorn Country Club at 1050 Elkhorn Dr, Stockton, CA 95209.  They can be contacted at:

FB page:  Stockton Pacific Rotary Club


The Rotary Club of Stockton Sunrise:  Currently meeting at on Tuesdays at 7:15 am at the Brookside Country Club at 3603 St Andrews Dr, Stockton, CA 95219.  They can be contacted at:

FB page:  Stockton Sunrise Rotary


Hopefully at least one of these meetings would fit into your schedule to be able to join this world wide organization that has been labelled the largest non-denominational organization for peace in the world.  Please contact a club today to be invited to learn more.

We build improve our city


The Stockton Rotary Clubs provide scholarships to students, leadership camps for high school leaders, plant trees at dog parks, promote literacy in our local schools, provide free lodging for families with loved ones getting care at San Joaquin General, help the homeless, support the emergency food bank, and much, much more.

We Build Friendships


People join Rotary for many reasons.  Some to get to know fellow business or community leaders while others join to help make our city and cities just like it throughout the world a better place to live.

In the end what all these people find is that they have made friendships that last a lifetime.


We Also help Communities Across the Globe

Through the efforts of our international projects we  bring education, fresh water, health care and hope to people across in over 220 countries world wide.


We Fight World Wide Disease

Polio is a disease that has crippled and maimed children since before 144 BC. We know this to be true due to the existence of hieroglyphics on ancient walls in Egypt showing its devastating effects.

In 1985 Rotary launched the Polio Plus project to rid the world of this disease.  Since then, Rotary and its partners have travelled the world inoculating children one drop at a time.  Due to these efforts Rotary has reduced the number of cases from 350,000 annually in 1985 to fewer than 400 in 2014 and to only 74 cases in 2015. By 2018 there were only 33 new cases of Polio reported world wide.

Rotary, through the PolioPlus campaign, has reduced the number of polio cases worldwide by 99 percent, and the virus remains endemic in just three countries -- Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Rotary is committed to ridding the world of this dreaded disease.  Very soon a disease that has plagued man for over 22 centuries will be gone forever.

When we have succeeded Polio will be only the second disease ever eradicated from our planet....and we did it in our spare time!


If you too want to make a difference in the world, create new friendships with people in your community, help improve Stockton for everyone; then please use the links above to learn more about the Rotary Clubs in Stockton and find one that fits your schedule and stop by for a meeting to see if this organization is right for you!